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Star Wars Lucasfilm Reference Photo


LUCASFILM 1982 photo reference Return of the Jedi - Luke Skywalker Speeder Bike

$ 164.99

Great opportunity collectors interested in the product development process to own a historically significant item! This listing is for one 5x7 inch glossy photo issued by Lucasfilm in 1982 to various licensees creating products for the 1982 release of Return of the Jedi. To discourage reproduction in news media and prevent the creation of reproduction photos for the collector market, scratches were made across the surface of each photo. Although there is no copyright stamp on the rear of the photo, I purchased this directly from the same source of the stamped photos I am selling and I have had other unstamped examples of reference photos in the past.

The vast majority of original vintage Lucasfilm reference photos I have seen have been in black and whites, so I was pleased to see a few color examples in this particular collection.

We have purchased these reference photos over the years from a variety of licensee sources, including Kenner, and have seen the same images several times from difference sources so there does not appear to have been a distinction in which licensees received specific images. The particular source for the current collection we are selling is tied to the Happy House activity books from 1983.


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