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About Us

Toy Chamber Collectibles

Sellers of authentic pop culture collectibles for 30 years.

Star Wars and Star Trek are our primary personal passions, and that is most of what we sell. But we also enjoy a wide range of other pop culture books, comics, TV shows, and movies and sell a wide range of items when we can find stock to resell at reasonable prices. Over the past few years, Todd’s lifelong interest in space exploration has expanded our offerings to patches, pins, and other memorabilia primarily focused on the US space program.

Who are we?

Toy Chamber Collectibles is a family-run business owned by Todd and Jaime Chamberlain. We are primarily an internet-based retailer selling items through our website and eBay, although we have also exhibited at all the US-based Star Wars Celebrations since 2010. Our earliest selling started about 1987 at toys shows in Oregon, Washington, and California. We later sold mail order through Toy Shop magazine and toys shows in the northeastern United States and several Mexico City shows.

Jaime handles most day-to-day business operations: photographing and listing inventory, and shipping orders. Jaime will answer most questions about logistics of transactions, while Todd handles questions that involve details about the collectibles themselves. 

About Todd

I grew up in a collecting family, spending much of my childhood at Cal’s Books and Wares, a store my maternal grandfather opened in 1960s Portland, OR, based on his love of old books, antiques, and toys. Between my grandfather’s collection of early 20th century toys and my mom’s doll collection, it always seemed natural that childhood playthings would remain part of my life.

I’ve collected a wide range of items over my life, but Star Wars has been the most consistent thread. I fell in love with the movie in fall 1977, and slowly built a collection of trading cards, puzzles, and toys from gifts and odd job earnings. I didn’t have a particularly large childhood collection (two vehicles, a Darth Vader case, and about 20 figures by the time I was 12), but when my friends drifted away from Star Wars in the junior high years after Return of the Jedi, I persisted in my quest to meet Kenner’s challenge to “Collect them all!” Even during the “Dark Times” of Star Wars in the late 1980s, no more than a month has gone by since 1977 that I haven’t been actively pursuing my Star Wars interest.

I started selling on a small scale in 1986, primarily selling off duplicates from collections purchased to build my personal collection. Collection building continues to be a heavy focus for me, but over the past few years Jaime and I have switched to operating Toy Chamber as our primary income.

I have been actively involved in the vintage Star Wars collecting community over the past 20 years through my work with the Star Wars Collectors Archive, a presenter for the Collecting Track at all of the US-based Star Wars Celebrations, and author of several magazine articles.

About Jaime

Jaime worked as a probation officer for 10 years before deciding it was time for a change. She decided to expand the online business Todd started since it provided a flexible schedule that allowed her to also pursue other interests.