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Lili Ledy Factory Overstock Parts - Vintage Star Wars Action Figures

As a division of the General Mills Fun Group along with Kenner, Mexican toy company Lili Ledy produced Star Wars toys that were packaged for the Mexican consumer in Lili Ledy branded packages and also sometimes on Kenner branded packages sold in the United States and other countries.

The injection molded plastic pieces offered for sale in this collection trace to a factory overstock find in Mexico in the mid to late 1990s. Some parts appear to have been errors of some kind (paint flaws, "short shots" where the plastic did not completely fill the mold), while others appear to simply be unused items that were never assembled into complete figures. Factories often save excess plastic parts to be ground back into raw material for other projects, but Lili Ledy closed operations in 1985 and these remained untouched for many years.

Storage conditions were poor, and some of the plastic (particularly torsos) yellowed with age and accumulated a lot of dirt. About 12 years ago I purchased most of the remaining stock from the Mexican dealer who found them, and they were quite filthy. I soaked them in water and rinsed them out, but beyond that I have not bothered to clean them in detail. 

Although it seems there was enough parts for some characters to complete full figures when the overstock was first found, often it seems clear that various sellers broke apart production figures to create hybrids "complete" figures that could sell more easily and at higher prices. Collectors offered "complete" Lili Ledy overstock figures should carefully inspect interior part surfaces for signs of broken sonic welds on torsos in particular.

I only sell parts I believe are truly unused overstock. Collectors who purchase them may choose to match them with other parts for display, but I encourage you to document the source of each item in case they are sold at a later point. This helps prevent misrepresentation (often unintentional) once items have changed hands several times.