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Aerospace Collectibles - NASA Wholesale Inventory

When we purchase larger collections of old stock, we will group pieces for discount pricing to other retailers. Resellers with brick-and-mortar locations or other local sales venues may tap into markets we do not reach through our own online outlets. We are resellers of old stock, not manufacturers or distributors of currently produced collectibles, so our supplies are limited and will change over time as we locate new sources.

Particularly of value for air and space museums looking to create a more unique retail experience, we can provide a range of stock that fits multiple criteria:

  • Authentic vintage material produced during the original era of various space missions. Many space enthusiasts would prefer a vintage item over something recently produced!
  • Out-of-production commemorative and souvenir items no longer available through other wholesale or retail channels.
  • Competitive wholesale pricing.

 For more standard fare like enamel pins and patches in styles still produced by other manufacturers, we have set prices well below regular wholesale prices. Prices on some items are priced slightly higher, but still comparable to other sources, and these are generally items not sold by current vendors. 

Most listings will include a wholesale price as well as a price that shows our standard retail price on those items.