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Benson's of Australia Carded Action Figure Collection

In 1990, the Benson's company of Australia purchased a large quantity of Kenner action figures that had been warehoused since the cancellation of the vintage toy line. Benson's assembles small collections of items to sell at a reduced price at regional shows and fairs all around Australia (a business which Benson's continues today), and that year it sold 4 mint on card figures and one factory bagged figure for $5. Those were the days!

Among the attendees at the Royal Ekka show in Brisbane that year was an American who had recently moved to Australia for graduate school. Touring the show with new friends, she was surprised to see a booth stocked with Star Wars action figures. Having been an avid Star Wars fan and collectors since seeing the first movie as a 12-year-old in 1977. A regular attendee at sci fi shows throughout the 80s, she had already assembled a large collection of Star Wars items, and this offered a great opportunity to add a number of figures at once. She bought a number of bags, although it was only after she arrived home from the show that she realized there were a number of duplicate characters. Since she had a small apartment, she packed the figures up and shipped them back to her mom for safe storage.

After returning home to the United States in 1997, this collector bought a limited number of items from the current Star Wars line before getting busy with her career stopped collecting. Her figures remained boxed and stored in climate-controlled conditions since they were shipped from Australia, and eventually this collector realized her interests had shifted and it was time to part with her treasured collection.

We purchased the whole collection to add some items to our personal collection and resell the duplicates. We have had the nicest condition items graded by AFA, and are also offering other very nice condition ungraded MOC figures.