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German ROJ promo poster
ToyChamber.com : Online Catalog : Star Wars
Category Description: Star Wars collectibles from 1976 to the present.
  • Cards (8)
    Topps and other trading cards sold at retail. See
  • Convention Collectibles (5)
    A wide range of convention-exclusives from the US and abroad.
  • Fan Club Items (17)
    Items from the official vintage Factors and Lucasfiilm fan clubs up to the present day, as well as unlicensed fan publications.
  • Household Items (8)
    Cups, dishes, towels, blankets, etc.
  • Jewelry (8)
    Licensed and bootleg jewelry items.
  • Posters & Paper Items (37)
    Theatrical & retail posters; magazines & comics; assorted other paper items. Posters can also be found in the "Promotional Items" and "Store Displays" sections.
  • Promotional Items (114)
    Items used to promote the films, but not sold at retail. This includes premiums available through food purchases, give-aways, mail-in offers, and a wide assortment of other items.
  • Records, Tapes, and CDs (1)
  • School Supplies (31)
  • Store Displays (91)
    In-store displays used to promote merchandising campaigns in the US & around the world. KENNER & HASBRO items are included here.
  • Toys: Bootlegs (24)
    Unlicensed versions of Kenner toys as well as other unusual bootleg items.
  • Toys: Kenner/Hasbro-related (169)
    Toys & other collectibles related to Kenner/Hasbro toys and its foreign licensees. Please see the store display section for Kenner and Hasbro display items.
To see a complete hierarchy of the categories of the Online Catalog click here.

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